Walnut Creek Remodel, Huntwood Cabinetry, Blackberry Color

Walnut Creek, CA

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“This was a total kitchen remodel with everything being gutted. Electrical was not up to current code and this was promptly taken care of by Bob, the electrician. We had discussions about where to put outlets and under counter lights.

We would hire this company again in a heartbeat. They are very thorough and meticulous. A couple of unforeseen structural problems were promptly taken care of and did not unreasonably impact the schedule or budget. There was a problem with a sagging floor joist under the refrigerator. Cooper crawled under the house and immediately repaired it.

We had a general idea of what we wanted regarding extending a counter and enlarging a peninsula area and Dave helped with the design. Dave explained items that made a difference: ex: the difference between granite counters with a straight edge or bull nose trim. He helped us decide on the trim at the top of cabinets which matter in a house almost 50 years old with uneven ceilings due to settling. He helped decide on the opening and closing direction of cabinet doors.

We were away for a few days when all the cabinets and appliances arrived. They were here to receive everything in our absence and even made sure the cat was locked in the bedroom while all the doors were open.

The entire crew was friendly, had a great sense of humor and was easy to deal with – Dave, Chris, Cooper and Bob. They were always prompt and called before they came. If they were going to be 15 minutes late they let us know. Even the cat missed them after the project was done.”

– Garry and Rose K.

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