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Our Guess-Free Process

1. Give us an idea of your space.
We ask that you take some rough measurements and a few photos of your existing space. Something as simple as a napkin drawing with the measurements is perfect at this point!
2. Schedule your idea strategy appointment.
Next, we’ll take the conversation to our showroom. We ask that you bring a few pictures of kitchens and/or bathrooms that appeal to you and represent the result you are looking to achieve. This aids in ensuring we plan a project to your taste and style. Plan 1-2 hours for this conversation.
3. Let’s discuss budget.
At your strategy appointment, we’ll ask you about your budget. Please be realistic. Remodeling can be expensive and things cost what they cost. We don’t set prices for things but assemble costs according to the style and materials that you decide to use. We will be able to provide a budget range based on our conversation and do our best to stay within that. While we cannot guarantee it, we can say that our clients have been very pleased with how well we’ve been able to honor their budgets.
4. It’s time to start planning.
Next, if all sounds good, we move to the planning phase. This is where you retain our services to design and plan your project to your exact specifications. We make the selection of all the materials to be used and determine the scope of work for all the labor and subcontractors that will be necessary to complete your project.
5. Here is your project portfolio binder.
Our clients love this! Once all materials and scope of work have been finalized and final pricing is approved, we produce a project portfolio binder. This includes a fixed-fee contract with payment schedule, scope of work, drawings, material specification sheets and so on, so you know exactly what your project includes and when we will begin your transformation.
6. Schedule and monitor your project.
Once the contract is signed, we schedule your project! Then we’ll assign you an online builder profile so you can monitor the progress of your project, see when payments are due, check in on schedules, and share photos and the excitement of your project with your friends and family.
7. Our final walkthrough.
We’ll go through your finished project together to ensure your complete satisfaction. If there are punch list items to complete, we do that! Then we’ll get final payment. Shhh… We may or may not also provide a closing gift too.
8. It’s time to enjoy your space!
We did it! Woohoo! Your project is done. Now, our hope is that you walk into your space every day for the rest of your time in this home thinking, “Wow!!! I love it so much.”


When we say we take the guesswork out of remodeling, we mean it!

Are you ready to start your dream remodeling project with us?