The inherent technical characteristics of these porcelain tiles ensures that they will be relatively easy to maintain and should provide years of enjoyment. Many general purpose cleaners that are readily available are acceptable for use on our tiles. It is important that the cleaner has a non-oil, non-animal fat, non-soap base. These components can leave behind an invisible residue with can trap dirt. It is also important that the tile receive a thorough rinsing with clean water after the cleaning process has been completed.

The general cleaning steps for porcelain tile can be summarized as follows:

  1. Remove all loose debris from the tile by sweeping with a soft bristle broom or vacuuming.
  2. Any spills should be wiped up as quickly as possible.
  3. Apply the recommended amount and dilution of the appropriate cleaner to the tile. Allow the cleaner to remain on the tile for short period of time (at least 5 minutes).
  4. For unpolished tile, scrub with a nylon pad or soft bristle brush. For more heavily soiled floors a floor machine equipped with a nylon pad or bristle brush may be used. For polished tile, wipe or mop with a nonabrasive mop or cloth.
  5. Remove the dirty cleaning solution and water with a wet vacuum or mop. Thoroughly rinse the tile with clean water and remove with a wet vacuum, mop, or towel. It is absolutely essential for all detergent residues to be completely removed from the tile. Any remaining detergent residue can dry on the tile and form a coating which can trap dirt and be very difficult to remove. The tile should be rinsed several times if necessary to remove all detergent residue.

The frequency and timing of any maintenance program is dependent on the specific characteristics of each tile application. Factors such as foot traffic, environmental conditions and product color should be considered when planning your maintenance schedule

A Word About Cleaners

There are many excellent cleaners on the market today which should provide you with satisfactory results. All purpose household cleaners such as Soft Scrub, Top Job, Mr. Clean, Ajax Liquid, Dow Bathroom Cleaner, Liquid Comet, and Fantastik are all suitable for general purpose cleaning of these products. Soapless detergents such as Spic & Span and 409 may also be used. For the removal of stains on unpolished tile, scouring powders such as Comet, Bon Ami, or Ajax may be used. These may be used in conjunction with a nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Steel wool is not recommended.

For heavier cleaning requirements or commercial applications, products manufactured by Aqua Mix, Hillyard Industries, Walter G. Legge Co., or CeramaSeal may be used. These products are available through your local ceramic tile dealer. In all cases please ensure you follow the manufacturers instructions. We also strongly recommend that all cleaners be tested first in a small, inconspicuous area before general use on the floor tile.

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